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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Manga Review: Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

 Summary: The young witch Wadanohara has just returned from a journey across the oceans, searching for a clue to her lost memories. Now that she has come home, along with her familiars Memoca, Dolphi and Fukami, Wadanohara must continue her quest while ensuring the safety of the ocean kingdom she hails from. But a mysterious figure from her past has appeared and demands that she leave her ocean home forever. What dark event transpired in Wadanohara's past and what does it portend for her future?

Thoughts: This might be a manga series but the copy I have is all one book so I'm titling it as a single manga. 
  I am so excited to see this in book form! I found it at Barnes and Noble and was instantly sending pictures of it to almost everyone I know. I played the games years ago and loved it so much and seeing it in a big store made me ridiculously happy!

                                  Image result for wadanohara game

 For those of you unfamiliar with the title Wadanohara is a Japanese RPG indie game created by Deep-Sea Prisoner (extra info here). It has been translated into English and several other languages and has become so popular that it now has a manga. As one of those fans, this made my week! 
 The story follows the first part of the game  introducing a young witch and her familiars. It then proceeds with several varying plot lines, only a few of which get resolved (for the finished story you'll have to play the game). This isn't to say you're left hanging or with an unfinished end. The main points wrap up well, and only a few side points are left open.
  Needless to say I love all of these characters, they are all so interesting and each one has their own story to tell.
The art was cute and the writing was good, keeping to the game and carrying the story through.
Image result for wadanohara manga  

Content: Despite the cute art and setting there were some rather violent and bloody deaths. most of the cast are some kind of sea animal and a few of them (such as a killer whale) are seeing in the background as possibly eating other animals. Wadanohara is a witch and four of the other characters are her familiars. There are also a few other witches and familiars shown throughout the manga. There are a pair of girls who are shown kissing while drunk and they might be a couple. 
 Most of the content is not obviously there or in your face but readers should be cautious. There's a tiny bit of language such as H*** or D*** but these don't appear more than three times. 
 All in all it's a really cute manga and story and a good read for fans of the game or who want to know more about it (note, the content rating for the game is different from the manga). It would also be a good first manga for anyone looking to get into manga.

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