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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Booke Review: The Orphan Fleet

 Summary: "The Orphan Fleet" is terrific adventure fantasy -- a non-stop tale of action and strange magic on a wind-swept mountain top where abandoned children have forged a free community, servicing far-traveling airships on sturdy wooden platforms. Here masked heroes with names like Golden Sam and The Sparrow are the ultimate celebrities -- and the mysterious Count leaves shivers of terror wherever he treads. When that community is threatened by an admiral who demands the return of his prized daughter, it triggers a terrible war fought in the air, on the ground, and in the old abandoned scaffolding circling the mountain ... a war where Golden Sam may prove himself a true hero after all, and the Count has a terrible role to play." 

Thoughts: This was a really interesting little book. I really liked the characters and their relationships and the world had a neat setting to it. The plot held my attention and the writing style was engaging. 
 My only problem with it all was the way everything was written, each scene ran into the next and while things were described nothing was ever really explained. I had so many questions that weren't answered and there so many things that I didn't understand. Some of it was clear by the time I finished and I'm hoping more will be explained in the sequels. 

Content: C***, D***, and a few other words of this level are sprinkled throughout but sparingly. There's some bloody violence and a creepy monster. There is a girl who was married and she believes her husband is dead at one point and kisses someone else though it's later shown that the husband wasn't actually dead yet, due to the circumstances there are mixed views on this. 
 All in all probably not for young children though some middle-graders might enjoy it and older readers who enjoy adventure, airships, and mysterious cultures.

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