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Monday, August 14, 2017

Book Review: The Fiend With Twenty Faces

Summary: When 1930s Tokyo is threatened by a master thief who can disguise himself to look like anyone, and laughs at the law, the people of the city have nowhere else to turn but Japan's greatest detective, Akechi Kogoro. Unfortunately for Tokyo, however, Akechi Kogoro is off on overseas business, so it becomes the job of his 12-year old assistant, Kobayashi Yoshio, to track down the thief and desperately keep him at bay until his mentor returns.

Thoughts: This is a first in a sequel series to The Early Cases of Akechi Kogoro, a series of adult mystery stories. The Fiend With Twenty Facees was written for a younger audience and therefore is much less frightening and disturbing than your average mystery. On the other hand it contains a really intriguing case and presents the Moriarty or Lupin of Japan, pitting him against the greatest detective in the East and his young assistant!
 I really loved this book, one of my favorites this year. It was a great mystery, almost completely clean, and a fun adventure! I loved seeing the great detective Akechi Kogoro working with a small boy and I really liked how the assistant, Kobayashi, while clever, was not one of those all-knowing child geniuses. I may like some kids with big brains (Artemis Fowl, H.I.V.E., The Mysterious Benedict Society) but I also really enjoy a kid who's not out of this world smart sometimes. 
 The entire cast was interesting and unique. They kept you on your toes always wondering who's who and what's real. 
 The plot was really well paced, well, handled and got me all excited for the end which was absolutely perfect in my opinion. 

Content: There were a few mild scares in here (scenes that might be frightening to sensitive/young children). A tiny bit of violence but no deaths. Two children are abducted but not harmed. 
Otherwise a clean and really all-age friendly story that I highly recommend for all mystery fans!

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