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Monday, August 28, 2017

Book Review: Superpowered

 Summary: 3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Will YOU Be a Hero or a Villain? 
  You know the superhero fantasy. What would life be like if you had superhuman abilities? But really, given the choice, would you save the world or conquer it? In SUPERPOWERED, the choice is yours.
  After a bizarre experiment leaves you with one of three superpowers (play the book multiple times to explore all three!), you must ally with or confront the other two test subjects while the fate of Mercury City--nay, the world!--hangs in the balance.
  Live your own interactive comic book adventure and Get SUPERPOWERED!

Thoughts: I've had this book sitting on my Kindle Library for months, unable to bring myself to give it back, because it was just so much fun! 
 Now, a quick disclaimer, while I finished several different routes in this 'pick you own adventure' book I didn't read all the chapters or visit very route so their maybe content I am unaware of but I encountered enough to be able to give you at least an idea of what could possibly be there.
  The writing was fun and engaging but a little cheesy at times. It's easy to forgive though due to the difficult nature of the book itself. After all, it's not easy writing for a stranger's perspective. 
  The plot was so good. Become your own hero, team up with others (or don't) and save the world. It was so much fun and I played/read over and over to try and see the many variations and endings. 
 The side cast was really good. While this villains came off as typical and cheesy, the other two superpowered heroes are interesting and given a good helping of character and development. Especially (I personally think) in the scissors arc (you'll understand if you read it) which was my favorite.  

Content: Some cussing, usually H***, D***, and C*** but F*** is used once or twice depending on what chapters you come to. There's a mention of a pimp and whore but they're just arguing in the street. There are fights, murders, and brutal death but, while blood is mentioned, it usually didn't get too gory or graphic (though it could, I just never found anything to be). There's a scene at the bar where the MC is trying to impress a girl at one point but I don't think it ever lead to any content. I've only played through the hero routes, I never attempted one as a villain (not my thing) so I can't vouch for the content but there is always the possibility of large amounts of cussing, possible gore and/or mentions of sex. Some of the chapter titles had indicated that things could get bad though the stories I read never went overboard.
  All in all probably best for older teens and young adults but I really fun and entertaining read that's part book and part game and actually lets you make the decisions! Guaranteed to keep even non-superhero fans enthralled for hours!

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