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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Book Review: Streams to the River, River to the Sea

Summary: Sacagawea, a Shashone Indian, guided and interpreted for explorers Lewis and Clarke as they traveled up the Mississippi, but she had adventures long before that one, like the time she was captured by the Minnetarees, and taken away from her family and everything that she knew and loved....

Thoughts: I've always loved the story of Sacagawea! One of my favorite American heroines I was pretty excited to read this story knowing O'Dell would be hard put to find tragedy here. While the history and writing were still great, I wasn't very fond of the characters. I understand that O'Dell was trying to give Sacagawea a more girly appearance to the reader, I didn't find some of it very believable. Over all though, still a good story!

Content: Sacagawea is a thirteen/fourteen year old girl when she is married to her husband and has her son. While this is not elaborated on and considered a normal part of the Indian's culture, some readers may find this uncomfortable. Otherwise a clean read.

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