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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Book Review: Gregor and Code of Claw

Summary: Everyone in the Underland has been taking great pains to keep the new prophecy, The Prophecy of Time, from Gregor. Gregor knew from the beginning that it must say something awful, but he never imagined just how awful: The prophecy calls for the warrior's death.

Thoughts: Few books have ever made me cry. Redwall, on occasion, made me sob a little but most tears are wrung from me through visual media, aka film (especially anime). And I have to admit, I like books that make me feel. Ones that make me more than just happy, excited, or anxious. Ones that make me feel fear, and pain, and sorrow. It's not just the mark of a good book, but also a great author. Now I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but I've never read The Hunger Games and (for now at least) don't have much interest in it. But I am well aware of it's wide audience which is always a credit to an author. Even so, I like reading firsts, the beginning series, and see how they were when they began. Amazing. Mind blowing. Fantastic. Awful. This is Gregor the Overlander. It made me feel more then any other book I've ever read and I cried, hard, when it ended. 
 If you've taken my advice and read the previous books you'll know that the Underland is now ravaged by war and we see it all through the eyes of a gentle 12 year old boy who has already been pushed to a maturity past his years. He's been the provider and backbone of his family and trusted guardian of the Underland, and now he is faced with choices and decisions he should never have to make. It's awful. But the way he is supported, guided, even protected, by many of the characters is amazing to watch. Nothing is taken for granted and there is always hope if you look for it. This is officially one of my all time favorite series now and if there's anyway i could possibly convince you to read them I'd do it because they are well worth every minute and cent. 

Content: By far the darkest of the series. Blood, gore, death, and despair are around every single corner and this is not something I'd ever call a children's book. Even so, it an amazing read and suggested to anyone who can stomach nearly accurate descriptions of war.

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