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Monday, January 18, 2016

Manga Series Review: Ichi

Summary: Ichi is a lone goze (blind woman singer) who has become separated from her traveling entertainment troupe. Wondering how she will find her place in life, she carries only a shamisen (a traditional Japanese stringed instrument) and a walking stick with a hidden blade inside. When necessary, she uses her exceptional sword skills to fight off yakuza and other villains. 

Thoughts: For starters, the summary doesn't give this manga enough credit. The heroine of the story is a blind woman with amazing sword skills, traveling through historical Japan! While much of the plot revolves around fictional circumstances, the history is rich and real. Many of the characters that enter are actual historical figures and several of the events actually happened or were based on common occurrences of the time. And then the characters...some may find Ichi, the heroine, apathetic and bland but I thought she was amazing and her cold distance simply made her character more fascinating when she actually decided to open up to others! Her partner was also an interesting character who threw me off guard when his story came around! Also, the art is fabulous!

Content: This manga is set in a turbulent and bloody time in Japan's history so there is plenty of violence and gore. Language varies depending on the translators but I'd say the verrsion I read was probably R rated. There is also the issue of how women, especially the blind, were viewed and treated at the time. Two near rapes and several suggestive or inappropriate themes arise. This is not a child friendly manga at all. But for mature adult readers this is a great read!

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