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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Book Review: The Ruins of Gorlan

Summary: They have always scared him in the past — the Rangers, with their dark cloaks and shadowy ways. The villagers believe the Rangers practice magic that makes them invisible to ordinary people. And now 15-year-old Will, always small for his age, has been chosen as a Ranger's apprentice. What he doesn't yet realize is that the Rangers are the protectors of the kingdom. Highly trained in the skills of battle and surveillance, they fight the battles before the battles reach the people. And as Will is about to learn, there is a large battle brewing. The exiled Morgarath, Lord of the Mountains of Rain and Night, is gathering his forces for an attack on the kingdom. This time, he will not be denied....

Thoughts: One of 3 final reads I didn't get to review last year. This one was a fun, easy read. To be honest it felt like most fiction nowadays with plenty of tropes and less-than-developed characters. But one thing I did notice was the potential for this to really flesh out into something great (which now has me scrounging to find the rest of the series)! The beginnings of friendships, relationships, and histories were just barely visible in this book but, rather than driving me away because of this, it pulled me in and made me wonder 'where is this going?' All this to say, while a little bland, possibly a good opening to a great series...we'll see.

Content: The climax may be a little scary for some readers bu it's perfectly clean otherwise!

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