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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Writerly Updates

So as I've mentioned previously in a few posts, me (Ants) and my sister (Epic) write...a lot.  And, as we've moved towards getting a few of our works actually published we've met several people who have inquired about our books. They've been kind and amazingly encouraging so I figured it was about time I started updating on our projects!

   From least ready to most ready for publishing we'll start with our Super Secret project that exists but will not see the light of a publisher for many years yet.

   Next is a work with the temporary title of The Guardian. We had actually gotten nearly halfway through the first draft with this one but had no idea where we were going with it so it's been on pause until recently. Around a month ago, inspiration fell a little past midnight and we're now editing all 30-something pages (which is kinda discouraging) and working towards our new and epic story!

  After that is a story with another temporary title, The Farthest Star, that I actually just finished the first draft ten minutes ago. It was one of my finishing-up-the-year goals to get the first draft for this story done and I'm rather proud since it's the first time I've ever finished a first draft in a year (it's also one of the few stories that is not a collaboration with my sister though she was still a major part in it's creation). Now, it's not very long and it needs A TON of editing, but I have the story so I'm happy!
  Next comes the story I'm most proud of. While still needing lots of editing, we're on the third or fourth draft and, though it's taken three years to get this far, it's coming along fantastically! I'm not going to give you a name until I can do a title reveal but, God willing, we will be looking into publishing it by the end of next year so I'll give you more info before then!

  And last, but far from least, is Mark My Soul which is a short story I wrote for an anthology contest awhile back. I actually won but the up-and-coming publishing company ran into some hard times so the story reverted back to me. I admit to being extremely fond of my weird little story (very different from what I intended or what I usually write) so I wanted to do something else with it. Right now I'm looking to publish it through Amazon's Kindle options which is free and supposedly easy and will hopefully have it out sometime in February. Depending on how many people are actually interested in it, I might look into other venues for it but for now, I simply want this little story out there instead of sitting forgotten in my documents! (If you're interested in reviewing leave a comment and I'll set something up.)

 Yes, I realize it's a lot. I firmly believe that having more than one project to work with helps keep creative juices flowing, I'm always in the mood for at least one of the stories! So, here they are, all the projects and I will be keeping you updated as things happen, for many I hope to post a synopsis or blurb fairly soon but with all the editing I'm doing...we'll see.

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