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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Mark My Soul

Here's a brief blurb for a short story, MARK MY SOUL, I'm hoping to have available for free on Kindle sometime in the next month or so. And as I'm in need of a cover... here's also for the contest.

An age old tradition. A few offline cameras. Shadows in the alley. 

Lance works in a busy city, watching out for disturbances and things out of the ordinary. He has no idea just out strange things have gotten until he looks into a missing child case and discovers dark secrets in the shadows. Inhuman creatures seem to appear out of nowhere and are devouring the city. And the only way to stop a tradition no one believes in anymore.


  1. I enjoy your reviews so I thought I'd say 'hey', Merry Christmas and while I'm at it poke you about the story :)
    So, what's going on with Mark My Soul? Will it be available on Google or Goodreads?

    1. Merry Christmas!
      I'm hoping to have this story as available as possible so I want to put it on Goodreads but my plans haven't gone much farther than Amazin Kindle. I'll be sure to update as I move forward! And thanks for inquiring, it's really encouraging to find people who are interested!