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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Review: 13 Treasures

Summary: No one else can see the evil fairies that rouse Tanya from her sleep, torturing her at the slightest mention of their existence, but they are as real to the 13-year-old as anything she's ever known. She cannot rid herself of them, nor can she ignore them. But it is her insistence on responding to them that has her banished to her grandmother's secluded countryside manor.
 There is much to explore and even more to fear in the woods surrounding the estate. But, the forest isn't the only source of dark secrets, and Tanya soon finds herself entangled in a mystery that could trap her in the fairy realm forever.

Thoughts: Hm...well, this book wasn't a favorite. I wasn't captivated by plot or characters (though Fabian was nice) but it did have one thing going for it. The use of fairies, actually the use of faeries to be exact. Not your sweet fun little Disney fairies but the old kind, the faeries that stole children, played pranks, gave strange gifts, and may or may not want the best for you. All to often in literature today (I'm not judging, I'm guilty of it too) we create the fun, light hearted sprite that goes around making everything better or at least frillier! In here we see, once again, the older darker side of faery tales. I greatly appreciated that, in fact I even learned a teensy bit of lore! So, if you're looking for your next favorite character or best plot I'd have to suggest looking elsewhere, but if you don't particularly mind either and are interested in a new take on old stories, this might be just for you!

Content: The fairies themselves can get a little frightening and there's plenty of magic. Other than that, perfectly clean.

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