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Monday, August 10, 2015

Book Review: The Serpent Never Sleeps

Summary: Serena Lynn, age seventeen, turns down an appointment to serve England's King, James I, at court in order to follow her beloved Anthony Foxcroft across the sea to the newly founded colony of Jamestown. ...

 Thoughts: I've read a lot of Scott O'Dell's works and this was one of his less inspiring books. While the majority of the stories I've read from him don't end well and this one does mostly (and no, that's not really a spoiler) it was still rather disappointing. The heroine was emotionless which was fine, I don't care much for weepy girls, but she had no reaction or even thoughts on seeing Indians for the first time or seeing the New World! I didn't expect her to be afraid, but at the very least curious, interested or surprised. Also this is NOT, despite how the front and cover advertise, a tale about, starring, or surrounding Pocahontas. She only features briefly as an important side character. While still a light read with some great pieces of history, I found it less focused on anything but the main character whose eyes were hard to see through. 

Content: Pocahontas swims naked at one point while three other women are around. That's it and it's brief and undetailed.

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