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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Book Review: The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen

Summary: When Prince Jen volunteers to search for the legendary court of Tien-kuo, a mysterious old man chooses six gifts for him to bear in homage: a saddle, a sword, a paint box, a bowl, a kite, and a flute. Puzzled by the gifts but full of high spirits and pride, Jen sets off but stumbles almost immediately into a series of misfortunes. Only with the help of his faithful servant, Mafoo, and valiant flute-girl, Voyaging Moon, and only after a breathtakingly exciting string of adventures can Jen discover the real meaning of the gifts and face his true destiny. . . .

Thoughts: Told like an ancient tale of China, this story weaves in that wonderful fairytale feeling along with some humor and a dash of romance. Admittedly, one of Alexander's slower stories, it was still a fun and easy read and suggested to those who are looking for stories of Asia, retellings, or fans of Lloyd Alexander!

Content: Not much to mention. A man intended to marry a woman against her will twice but nothing comes of it and there are a few kisses. A clean read over all. 

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