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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Book Review: A Plague of Bogles

 Summary: Jem Barbary spent most of his early life picking pockets for a wily old crook named Sarah Pickles—until she betrayed him. Now Jem wants revenge, but first he needs a new job. Luckily Alfred the bogler, the man who kills the child-eating monsters that hide in the shadows of Victorian London, needs a new apprentice. As more and more orphans disappear under mysterious circumstances, Alfred, Jem, and Birdie find themselves waging an underground war in a city where science clashes with superstition and monsters lurk in every alley.

Thoughts: Sequel to How to Catch a Bogle, this was a really good continuation of the series!
 There are three children in this series, Birdie, Jem and Ned; the first book is told from Birdie's perspective. This book is told mostly from Jem's. This took a little adjusting from me going from a little girl's perspective to a young boys threw a different light on the events and shifted the perspective of the plot a bit, this story isn't just about hunting down bogles. Despite that, or maybe because of it, this was a book unique from the first, while a continuation it held it's own story and kept my interest just as much as the first!
 The cast was all fun and interesting and full of life. Even the characters you didn't like were life like enough to always keep you guessing. 
 The writing is really good, I'm still very impressed with the way accents are carried through the page. Catherine Jinks does a fantastic job of capturing a London from times past and filling it with dark and mysterious secrets.

Content: A D*** or two, mostly from adults. A few scary scenes with the bogles and a bit of violence. There's also the topic that bogles eat young children and this is a little disturbing but rarely is the point pushed. It's just an obvious fact. 
 All in all, a good read for most ages as long as they aren't too easily scared!

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