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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Book Review: The First Two Lives of Lukas-Kasha

Summary: In the busy village square, Lukas is drawn to a magician called Battisto the Magnificent, who promiese adventure to anyone who will pay for it. Anxious for excitement, Lukas spends a silver coin and volunteers to take part in Battisto's magic. He is plunged into a tub of water and finds himself washed ashore in a new land of palaces and hidden treasure.
  To his astonishment, Lukas is hailed King of Abadan by those who find him. But his life in the palace is endangered by rivals who threaten to overthrow him. Running for his life, Lukas takes off with the court astrologer, a hot-tempered slave girl, and a poet. Not in his wildest dreams could Lukas have imagined this strange turn of events. And the adventure is just beginning...

Thoughts: I've always loved Alexander's tales. They carry a fairy-tale like charm but allow you to connect with and love the characters too. This book was no different. 
 The cast was wonderful. Full of character and growth they pulled you in and wouldn't let go till the end!
 The story itself was fun. It was rifled with politics, attempted assassinations, war and peace, always keeps you guessing what's at the bottom of it all.
  The writing was great, carrying that fable feeling throughout the story so you can almost believe you're lost in a dream until the final chapter.

 Content: A few instances of D***, some war violence and a brief mention of some slave girls being immodestly dressed. Really though, it's mostly clean and a fun read for almost any age.

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