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Friday, November 13, 2015

Book Review: The Pirate and the Princess

Summary: A female pirate, a lost princess and a mysterious gemstone! 
 Welcome to the Eurastia, a legendary pirate ship whose captain holds a dark secret. Her name is Yuri, and once, she lived in the future. Unable to return until she rights a terrible wrong, she must redeem herself and fulfill her destiny.
 Ten year old Princess Noelle is not from another time, but another place -- a land invaded by evil conquerors who killed her parents and kidnapped her younger brother. The Princess herself is taken hostage until Yuri saves her. It is then that they both learn that Noelle holds the key to Captain Yuri's destiny.
 Both Yuri and Noelle want nothing more than to return home. But neither can, until Noelle finds her brother, and Yuri vanquishes the sinister forces that she herself accidentally set in motion.

Thoughts: Well...the summary basically has every spoiler in it...but we'll just pretend like you still don't know. This novel was originally written in Japanese but has been translated and republished  in America (for which I am very grateful), this means there are minor errors in grammar you wouldn't normally find in books, but it's better than most translations for Asian stories I've read and shouldn't take away from the story! This is a wonderful, action packed little novel with several captivating sketches scattered throughout the story. Covering several genres at once, this book doesn't limit itself and offers to take you places you've never been to before in the next few books (it's the first in a series)! I will definitely continue reading these books with their charming and unique tale of a mysteriously good pirate and a princess who doesn't need a prince!

Content: This book was mostly clean aside from a semi-violent fight in the end and two scenes where Yuri removes her shirt so as to show a scar on her back. This is done while medicine is being applied to the wound and only the back is 'shown' so it's not really a problem. All-in-all, a great for younger kids and older readers who don't don't need a deep story to find a little pleasure in a book!

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