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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Thaw: Winter's Child

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Summery: A barren king and queen pray for a child, and when in their loneliness, they make one out of snow, their prayers are answered in a special, and unusual way.
Sometimes, when we get what we wish for, we don't know what to do with it.

Combining elements from the Snow Maiden, Schneekind, Snegurochka tales with those of the Snow Queen; Winter's Child introduces a new series: THAW.

Thoughts: Despite the stories claim to several winter fairy tales Winter's Child is pretty much a retelling of Disney's Frozen. Sticking to the first few scenes of the movie it introduces and gives background to it's Ana, Elsa, Hans and Kristoff characters while not really trying to move out of the Frozen theme. We even get some stone-folk resembling the trolls. Despite this it is a cute story and I'm sure younger children will really enjoy it as a read aloud though they may find the questions at the end of each chapter a little annoying. Over all a sweet but simple and predictable story. I hope the author finishes with her Frozen them and continues past it to truly make the characters her own.

Content Advisory: There is nothing to be said. Perfectly clean and filled with bunches of cute little kids (Hess was a favorite ;)!

*I was provided with a free ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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