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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Book Review: Quest For A Maid

 Summary:  Meg Wright is nine when she hides under a table and hears her sister Inge kill the King of Scotland by witchcraft, setting in motion a treacherous power struggle.
  Aware of her older sister's powers of sorcery, which have been used to help secure the Scottish throne for Robert de Brus, Meg realizes she must try to protect the young Norwegian princess who has been chosen as rightful heir.
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Thoughts: This was a great historical-fiction about two sisters, Scotland, and the Maid of Norway's fateful journey. I love Scottish history and the author here did a great job in representing the Scottish accents and ways of life in her writing. The relationships and character development were handled well and the characters themselves were so fun and lovable! From little Davie to her interactions with the Maid, I loved Meg through and through. The story is fascinating though its more fiction than fact with its pieces of magic and great cast of people who weren't there, in fact the first half of the book is more for setting and introduction rather than the main story which means quite a few of the events are fictional. With that said, the pace was slow though not lagging and made for a pleasant quiet read though there were happy tears in my eyes by the end!

Content: A few flirtatious remarks are made to the girls, though nothing problematic. The biggest problem was the language. In keeping true to the old Scot's ways, the author has a few instances of both B's and I think there was an instance or so where D was used but it never got any worse than that and all were usually few and far apart.  

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