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Monday, November 28, 2016

(Partial) Book Series Review: Divine Summons; Beyond Price

Summary for Divine Summons:When a dark plot to undermine the security of the elven nation emerges, Captain Vinyanel Ecleriast must decide. Will he allow his contentious relationship with his half-elven mentor, the Prophetess Veranna, to interfere with his sworn duty to protect his people and his homeland? 
 Newly ordained as the future High Commander of the First Airborne Division of the Elven Cavalry, Vinyanel sets off astride his new mount—a silver dragon—to intervene before the elves’ enemies disappear into the wilderness not only with priceless artifacts pivotal to the elves’ safety, but the life of the elven king in their hands. 
 Only if he can put aside his preconceptions and take full hold of Veranna’s teaching will Vinyanel find the strength to fulfill his Divine Summons.

Summary for Beyond Price: Trapped beneath the stifling leadership of an unscrupulous caravan master, a half-elf gypsy seeks the truth of her worth. Veranna’s path to freedom is fraught with painful revelations. Only if she can embrace the meaning behind her visions will she muster the bravery to break the bonds that tether her to a bleak future.

Thoughts: Two more lost tales from the almost-forgotten archives of my phone Kindle (I have a whole other list for my PC, different Kindle). I honestly didn't even realize these books were related until after I finished Divine Summons and then started Beyond Price. Had I known, I probably would have read Beyond Price first (it being a prequel and all).
  These were some fun, short stories with solid plots. 
 The writing was good but a little inconsistent. All the dialogue was written with a medieval flair, not hard to understand, but elegant and with a fair amount of "Thy's and 'Thou's. And then the author would get stuck, not know how to word a sentence, and a bit of modern wording would come in. Ex; the word pretty ought to be used in the form of "What a pretty trinket" in books like this but it was often used more like "I may take a pretty good guess..." or "Pretty much." These inconsistencies were annoying but not problematic. 
  The characters were alright, honestly they were kinda cliche and lacked depth. Beyond Price was interesting in being Veranna's backstory but even that lacked much feeling. Even so, they were enjoyable reads.

Content: Violence and gore in both but more in Divine Summons. In beyond Price a man leers over a girl and many sexually threatening scenes occur. Same girl has to dance in next to nothing in front of a crowd and many inappropriate things are said. Nothing actually happens though so I am pleased to announce that these are still mostly clean and good reads for teens and older!

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