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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Book Review: Revived

Summary: The pieces of Roya’s life don’t fit together anymore. Nothing makes sense. Joseph could be to blame for the fall of the Lucidites’ society. Zhuang is back and more powerful than ever. Chase, a gorgeous psychopath, is demanding her love and commitment. And the Institute is swarming with lies, betrayals, and conflicts. Roya knows she needs to focus and reconnect with Joseph if she is to survive, but how can she find clarity when everything around her is unraveling? The final chapter in The Lucidites Series will take up residence in reader’s bones. All secrets will be revealed. All villains will be confronted. And the greatest obstacles will be that of the heart. Revived delivers, giving audiences what they want most from the last in a fast-paced, thrilling series.

Thoughts: Ok (deep sigh) honestly, I can' recommend this one. The action was fantastically done, things were wrapped up well, and the sibling relationship in here will forever remain fabulous. But there was too much wrong. Way too much sexual content coming from a story about seventeen year-olds. This kills me because the writing is amazing! Even when I was nothing but annoyed at these characters I couldn't put the book down because the writing pace, style, flow; kept me rooted to the page. I love the way Sarah Noffke writes and will end up reading more from her but I won't be recommending anything more than the first book from this series (because you can't stop after reading the second). 
 Now I did, actually, enjoy several things in this book. Namely there were a lot of family aspects that I loved to see being explored and nurtured. The action was amazing, an actual movie-worthy scene caught on page (which is really hard to do) and the ending was great! I really loved the way this book ended. Of course, it really all comes down to what you're comfortable dealing with content wise and I'm really not fond of the type of content this book is overflowing with.

Content: Oh boy! I'm going to try to keep this short without skipping anything important. There are a lot (a ton might be a better description) of near to actual sex scenes. Nothing more than shirts come off but...well they come off and more almost comes off too.MINOR SPOILER: Several of these scenes are practically rape too. END SPOILER. Another character tuns out to be gay. Plenty of rude to inappropriate jokes. More language than the previous two ranging from D*** to F***. The action is fairly brutal but not overwhelmingly so. All in all, not a clean read by any means and definitely intended for a mature audience, although, taking everything into consideration, I wouldn't suggest this even to a mature reader.


  1. wow. I probably would have stopped reading that book. Hey have you ever heard of a book series called Grey Griffins? my favorite is the Clockwork Chronicles. There are three books that come before this series but you don't really need to read them (I only read the last book before the Clockwork Chronicles; Fall of the temples) Its a cool read. It's like steampunk and fairy so it's pretty cool to me. Here is the link to the first in the Clockwork Chronicles if your interested.

    1. I almost did stop but the writing of the author was just so good! And, after everything, I really needed to know how it ended.
      I haven't heard of them before but I'll be sure to check them out! Thanks for the suggestion!