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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Book Review: Gypsy Rizka


Summary: Living alone in her wagon on the outskirts of a small town while waiting for her father's return, Rizka, a Gypsy and a trickster, exposes the ridiculous foibles of some of the townspeople. High comedy as much as a celebration of Rizka's brains and brassiness, her flouting of conventions, and her own brand of magic, this book is infused with Alexander's recognition and respect for the rich and good heart of its main character and the human truth of accepting others' differences.

Thoughts: While not my favorite of Alexander's book, Gypsy Rizka is still filled with his unique fun and amusing characters and this book was a great easy read. Many people might find it boring if they come in expecting an adventure instead of the bumbling small-town life the book depicts. But if you come expecting a calm, cute story you'll be pleased with the ridiculous characters and mad capers they get themselves into. Many aspects are similar to Alexander's The Town Cat and Other Tales.

Content: Nothing more than some flirting that is mostly comedic. A man is tarred and feathered but that is more or less willingly. There are a few lies, honest harassment, a theft here or there and a bunch of mischief not intended to cause too much harm (not too much that is).

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